2021-01-01 23:56:54

January 1, 2021

Cut My Hair Too Short

I did weird things last year.

First of all happy New Year! Hope you had a great year even if there's still a pandemic. Yeah that sucks and we're still in quarantine mode since March last year. And because of that I haven't visited any barber shop as I'm afraid to get infected by the virus. Instead of going out I asked my sister to cut my hair...

As you can see, she made a perfect line that I couldn't imagine. A piece of art I would always love to look back.

I decided to just leave it like that since my hair will grow anyway. Then after several months, my hair grew and finally got time and courage to cut my hair, yesterday, on New Year's Eve. And here it is, my before and after looks.

Before hair cut looks After hair cut looks
Slide the arrow near my nose to see the difference.

There we have it! Some might ask why did I do this and TBH (to be honest) I don't know but I here are my thoughts that help me to decide and how I think it turned out:

  1. How bad will I look like? Well it turned out clean look and I like it, also I feel lighter.
  2. Can I do this again in the future? Most probably nope. I'm just curious how does it feel to be semi bald.
  3. To use less shampoo. Means more savings and faster time in shower.
  4. Lazy to fix my hair. Less worries and irritation.
  5. Will I look like Keanu Reeves with a short hair? Well my hair line is getting higher.


I've been waiting to try this Cocoen (Image Comparison) plugin and finally I found where I can use it. This javascript plugin is very useful in comparing two items with just sliding to left and right.



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